Thursday, May 24, 2012

Embrace the camera (again)

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So, I've been terrible at embracing the camera lately.  The last time I did it was in March!  Egads!

Part of the problem is that I've been terrible at blogging lately period.  I am an idiot who bit off way more than I could chew this summer.  Between the normal hustle and bustle of being a working mom with two young kids, I also signed Superman and I up for a co-ed softball team (the first time I've played since college!).  Then, Superman encouraged me to sign up for a class I've been talking about taking for 3 years (but never doing anything about).  It's an online grad class, and it's kicking my butt.  It feels like it requires so much more effort than my last grad class.  7 years ago.  Before I was married.  Before I had kids.  Before I had a 4 bedroom house to keep clean.  And a lawn with landscaping.  And a garden.  Really...what was I thinking?!?!

The other problem is that I am still so camera shy.  I know that Embrace the camera encourages you to ignore what you look like, and just get in front of the camera because your kids will want to remember you and won't notice if you didn't look your best.  But that is so much harder to do when you are really really unhappy with the way you look. :(

For Mother's Day, we took the kids to a local indoor water park.  And while I took about 100 pictures of them, I had to really force myself to take one of me.  Because if there is anything harder than taking a picture of yourself when you are unhappy with your weight, it's taking a pictures of yourself in a bathing suit when you are unhappy with your weight.

My signature pose: trying to hide behind a kid, so you don't notice how fat I am.

But I am making a new promise to myself...I will start embracing the camera again.  Because I have decided I am going to get this weight off.  And every week I'm going to force myself to get in front of the camera so that #1 I can't live in denial about my problem and #2 I can watch myself making progress as I am adopting healthier habits and losing weight.

For now, my plan involves following Weight Watcher eating religiously (I know HOW, I just need to commit to it), doing DDP Yoga in the mornings, and taking evening walks (and eventually jogs).  I have a short term goal of being able to job the Persimmon Festival 5K this September.

Now those are pictures I'm looking forward to posting!  Sweat, nasty, and all!


  1. I encourage you to stick with this plan! Once you get active, even if you're still above your goal weight, you gain so much self confidence because it becomes less about how you look and how proud you are of what your body can DO!

    Also, if you need someone to hold you accountable, I'd be happy to join you. Couch to 5K is a great program (I used the NHS Couch to 5K available as a free podcast on iTunes.) and I've always wanted to go to the Persimmon Festival. Also, I promise I'm a slowpoke and definitely will not judge you for being one too. (Just in case you're worried about recruiting Layne and then feeling guilty about holding him back. I always feel like I'm going too slow for Seth. And he's not even a runner.)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Jillann! I'm definitely less concerned about looks (luckily I do believe Superman loves me regardless) than health...especially for my children's sake. They deserve a healthy, active mom, and good role model for health! Yes, Layne is really fast, so he would never run with me at the Persimmon 5K. That's his hometown, so he always tries to place in his age division (usually does). I've walked it a few times, but never run/jogged it before. September 2012 is MY YEAR! I've used a C25K program before, but not a podcast, I'll have to check that out. Although from where I'm starting at right now...there will be a lot of fast walking before I am able to muster up a slow jog. But I'm definitely interested in teaming up to practice! I'm also hoping that getting the dog (we get him tomorrow!) will help encourage me to walk, since I'll want to take him for walks to work his energy out in the evenings!

  3. Oooh..I just checked out the podcasts. Those seem great. A lot better than me watching my watch, trying to remember if this was my 60 sec interval or my 90 sec interval. I'll definitely have to use this!

  4. linking up through embrace...

    Your boys are adorable! My husband is a twin (him and his brother kept their mom hoppin!)so I imagine you are kept on your toes as well. Love that you embrace the camera even if you aren't happy with your body.

  5. Thanks! Yes, they certainly do! It's a wonder I can even gain weight with all of the running around I do after them! (I blame the immobile desk job! Stupid computers!) Thanks for stopping by!

    1. perhaps i'm a dork and just can't see where to leave a comment, but all i can see is to leave a reply! LOL... found you through emily's embrace and i am 100% on your side on the embrace thing... i HATE getting in front of the camera! LOL! PLUS i have twins! how cool is that??!! anyways, i am following you... feel free to check my blog out too...

    2. Thanks for stopping by Boni! I will definitely check out your blog too! :)

  6. I began Weight Watchers in January. If you'd like to celebrate and comiserate together, I'm here for ya sister!