Monday, May 20, 2013

6th Birthday planning

Thank you for making planning for my sons' 6th birthday so fun and easy!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 have fallen in love, big time!, with Star Wars. So, it is fitting that for this year's party, we are doing a Jedi Training Academy for the boys' 6th birthday.

First, I made some invitations in photoshop:

Then, I came up with an agenda:

Padawan robes and light sabers
Agenda (3 pm - 5 pm)

3:00   Recruit Intake
As recruits arrive, they will draw pictures of their home planets and paste them on the map of the galaxy. Then they will receive their padawan robes to officially become Jedis in training. (Supplies: poster board, colored paper, crayons, scissors, tape, brown jedi robes, and yarn)

Recruit arrival
Issuing uniforms and light sabers
Our galaxy
The recruits
3:15   Light Saber Training

All Padawans will be given light sabers and will have to practice their skills by keeping a balloon afloat in the air. (Supplies: pool noodle light sabers, balloons)

3:30   Jedi Training Course

All Padawans will complete an obstacle course. Crawl under broken down spaceship,  jump over lava pit, run through storm troopers, and climb through trash chute. (Supplies: jeep top on picnic table, red plastic tablecloth, white helium balloons w/ storm trooper faces drawn on, giant cardboard box full of crumpled up newspaper and packing stuff.)
Crawl under broken down space ship
Cross lava pit
Jump over fire pit
Dodge storm troopers

3:45  Message from Princess Leia

Princess Leia needs your help! She has been captured by The Emperor and Darth Vader and only you can rescue her. All Padawans will work together to pop open the balloons hidden in a box until they find the Princess Leia hidden inside. (Supplies: balloons and letters spelling Princess Leia)
"Help me Padawans, you're my only hope!"
Bust open balloons with lightsabers to find the letters...
(Lost the "N" somewhere)

4:00 Destroy the Death Star
Padawans will take turns hitting the Death Star pinata until it explodes. (Supplies: pinata filled with candy, bandanas, broomstick light sabers)
Death Star Pinata

4:15  Refueling Station
Padawans will refuel on R2D2 cake and Yoda juice. (Supplies: cake, plates, forks, napkins, cups, green punch, bottles of water, pretzels, carrot sticks)
100% edible R2D2 cake (6 layers!)
4:30  Defeat Darth Vader
When Darth Vader crashes the party, only the Padawans can destroy him. (Supplies: Darth Vader helmet, all black clothes, black cape, and black gloves)

4:45   Jedi Certificates
All Padawans have completed their training and are officially promoted to Jedis by Princess Leia in this ceremony.


  1. Do you have a link to where you bought this invite? I want to buy it for the party I'm planning!

    1. I made it myself in photoshop. Give me your email address, and I'll send it to you.

    2. Are you still willing to share this invite? I would be so grateful if you are :)

    3. Summer, I'm so sorry. I just looked for it in my dropbox, and I think I finally purged it with all my old files (the party was 2 years ago now). :( If I have a back up file at work, I'll send it. But I'm afraid if it's not in dropbox then it's probably gone.

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  3. Love your Star wars party! Do you by chance have a link to where you purchased the Jedi Certificates? They're awesome!

  4. Would you mind sharing how you made the robes?

    1. Hi Andrea, it was soooo easy. I found some light polyester-type material (so it didn't unravel). I cut them into long rectangles. Then I folded them in half and basically cut a half circle at the neck year, so it was the neck line and the "hood". That was it. It was probably the fastest, easiest project of the party. :)

    2. Oh, and then I tied twine around their waists.