Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Minecraft 7th Birthday Party Mod.

While preparing for my boys' 8th birthday party coming up in less than two weeks, I started reminiscing about their past parties, and I realized that I posted the details on their Star Wars themed 6th Birthday Party, but I never posted about their Minecraft 7th Birthday Party Mod.

First, I made some invitations in photoshop:

Then I made a list of Minecraft themed snacks which I laid out on a snack table covered in a fake-grass tablecloth (Party City) and decorated with paper figurines from the animal mod (Target).
Thing 2 and the party snacks!
The cake was super easy to make with homemade marshmallow fondant

Blue jello jigglers. These went FAST! I should have made 3x as much!
Twizzlers wrapped with brown fondant

Then I came up with an Agenda:

2:00-2:15 - Make your own Minecraft skin

Just like in the game, each child made their own individual 8-bit character

Supplies: Cardboard w/ tongue depressors, color cardboard squares, glue, scissors

2:15-2:45 Pin the tail on the pig
I made the Pin the tail on the pig poster in photoshop and then because I work at a university, I printed it off at the university library for $4. But Kinkos also prints posters like these for pretty inexpensive.

Supplies: Printed pig poster, pink/red construction paper pig tails with 2-sided tape, Creeper cardboard head with covered eye holes.

2:45-3:15 Scavenger Hunt
I made sure to talk with my surrounding neighbors first, to get their permission to use their lawns as the different "Layers" that the ores would be hidden in. Then right before the party, I went and hid brown paper sacks with the ores and the clues. On each paper sack I had a picture of them ore inside, and a poem with a clue to the next one. I went in order of the ores by layer (Coal>Iron>Gold>Redstone>Lapiz Lazuli>Emerald>Diamond>Nether Quartz).

Supplies: ores (I used "pirate gems" I found on amazon and rocks painted black for "coal" and gold), a "map" of the layers (my neighbor's houses), brown paper bags with clues on them (forgot to take a picture!), and brown paper bags for each kid to gather their ores.

3:15-3:30 Kill the Creeper
Creeper pinatas are easy to just cover a brown cardboard box with crepe paper! Much easier than having to paper maiche an object!

Supplies: Creeper pinata filled with candy, bat/stick, Steve cardboard head with eyes covered

3:30-3:45 Cake time!
Birthday boys!

3:45-4:00 Presents!

The boys were very excited about their torches from Grandma

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