Thursday, March 22, 2012

Embrace the camera Thursdays

Embrace the camera

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If you noticed that I haven't posted in a while, and you thought I was just being lazy, well, you were only partially correct.

The whole truth is that last week was Spring Break here in Hoosierland, so I spent the week leading up to it preparing (packing, cleaning, planning, etc).  The week of enjoying (visiting with friends, sleeping in, beaching it).  And the week after recovering (unpacking, cleaning, getting used to getting up on time again combined with the time change).

We had a great vacation though, and in honor of my pledge to Embrace the Camera more (so that if I died in a fiery crash tomorrow, there would actually be proof that I was once the boys' mother...) I actually got in on a few of the vacation snapshots.

Here are just a few....
My Family!

Spring Break 2012!

Me and Thing 1

Thing 2 and me hanging at the RV show

Thing 2 and me riding the Tide


  1. So happy we were able to visit!

  2. Great shots! Everyone looks so happy! Made me smile :D

    Brittany@Hit or Miss

  3. Such a happy trip - I want to go to the beach! I love the "week recovering" - that is how long it seems to take - especially with little ones.