Monday, March 26, 2012

Not so identical anymore

If I had a nickel for every time I've been asked in the last 4.5 years "How do you tell them apart?", I could buy myself a new swagger wagon!

Sometimes I give a long-winded explanation: Really, once you get to know them and their personalities, you find it hard to understand people who can't tell them apart.  For instance, Thing 1 is my laid back guy that will do anything you ask, and is much more sensitive.  Thing 2 is stubborn and independent, but also a little more reserved and timid about new things.....

Sometimes I give a short explanation: Thing 1's faces is more round, and he has a freckle on his back. Thing 2's face is more oval and his has a small freckle by his eye.

Sometimes I give the obvious: Thing 1 is usually wearing blue (and a baseball cap) and Thing 2 is generally wearing red.

And sometimes I am just too tired to bother: I can't, that's why I write their names on their shoes.

But, as of Saturday afternoon, I have a new way for people to tell them apart: Thing 2 is the kid with the stitches on his right hand index finger.

At least for 5 more days.  Then it will become: Thing 2 is the kid with the scar on his right hand index finger.

Because Saturday afternoon, while Superman and I were out front doing yard work, Thing 2 decided he needed to cut open the fresh pineapple in the kitchen using Mommy's rotary blade.  And what he ended up slicing open...was his little finger. :(

Luckily our pediatrician's office has it's own urgent care, so in less than an hour's time my babe had his first stitches put in.

Calling my dad later that night, he reminded me that I got my first stitches at only 2.5 years old, so really, I'd done a good job going almost 5 years with two boys without anyone getting any stitches!


  1. ouch! my little kohen just got his finger smashed in a door the other day...i thought he would need stitches but it's healed's kind of amazing how quick kids heal.

    at least now people will tell them apart better!

  2. Now, you just have to let Thing 2 walk around with his hand in the air! :)

  3. Did you ever see the Prestige? Not that I'm saying Thing 1 should now get stitches too to match... but this story reminded me of that movie.

  4. No, I haven't seen that... I'll look for it on Netflix.