Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Today is January 12, 2011.  That means Thing1 and Thing2 are 3 years and 7 months and 1 day old.  And I am proud and ashamed to say that I am up to April (10 months!) of their baby scrapbooks!

I'm ashamed because they are 3 years old and I just this year started their baby books.  However, I'm proud because just a few months ago I hadn't even started and now I'm almost done!

It took me so long to get started because a) time (hello, I am a mom of two and work full time), b) money (printing all the photos, buying the necessary scrapbooking supplies, it all adds up quickly), and c) place.  Before, we bought our house in June 2009, I didn't have "a room of one's own" for my crafts.  It is so important to have the right space.  For organizing, which makes working MUCH easier.  But also for protecting.  All scrapbookers know that you really have to spread out when working, which means that it's hard to only scrapbook for an hour if you have to spend 15 minutes getting it all out and then 15 minutes clearing it all up every time.  And when you have young kids, you have to clean it up.  Leaving out trimmers and scissors and adhesives is a giant no-no!

But this last summer, I took one of the bedrooms in our new house and transformed it into my ultimate craft room.  Meanwhile, I slowly started ordering pictures.  100 at a time.  Two of each print.  Until I had everything, from birth to the boys' first birthday parties (all three of them!).  And then I started scrapping.

Having twins, I couldn't just do one scrapbook, I had to do one for each.  (I am doing these instead of the fill-in-the-blank baby books.)  So, for every page I make, I have to actually make two versions, one Thing1-centric and one Thing2-centric.

Now, the question is.  Once I finish with the album and start on the pictures from their 2nd year, do I make one or two?  Part of me thinks I should just make one and call it a "Family Album."

Superman said that if I make one, I have to make two.  I said that they could just split up the family albums when I die.  The same way my siblings and I would have to when our parents pass.  But he thinks that it would be unfair to expect them to split them up that way.  But I think what are the odds the boys would even care about having tons of scrapbooks when they get older anyway?  Isn't the most important thing that first year baby book?

Hmm...need to think more on it.

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