Saturday, January 8, 2011

So much for for just $1

In need of a fun family activity to do on the weekend?  Check out your local bus system.

My boys are huge train lovers.  But traveling anywhere and taking a train ride is usually a pretty time consuming and expensive trip.  Instead of shelling out $75 in train tickets, I've discovered that I can get the boys just as excited to go and ride the bus (hope this excitement lasts through high school!).  And since in the college town where I live a university ID (which I have) gets you on free and kids under 5 (which Thing1 and Thing2 are) are also free, we only have to shell out $1 each way for Superman.

Today's trip.  We are riding to the public library.  It seems the novelty has worn off the half dozen train books I got the boys back in November.  But this time, instead of buying new books, I'm going to take them to the library and let them pick a few out.

$2 in bus far.  $0 in book rental.  = An inexpensive family filled Saturday afternoon.  Which = happy Mommy!

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