Thursday, February 23, 2012

Embrace the camera

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Last night, Superman and I headed to downtown Indy to see the Van Halen concert.  It was nice to have a little evening for ourselves.

Celebrating good times watching Kool & the Gang perform.  They were excellent!

He truly is my Superman!

The main event!  Watching Van Halen.  They were much better this concert than when saw them in 2007.  In '07 they seemed like 4 individual musicians sharing a stage, but this time they performed more like a cohesive group.  I still prefer Michael Anthony to Wolfgang though.

Van Halen 2012 Tour


  1. You two are so cute!
    It looks like you had a wonderful date night!

  2. What a great night! I'm also in the Indy area and linking up with ETC this week!

  3. I'm a born and raised Hoosier now living in the South. Indy is still one of my favorite towns!

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! Glad you got some time just the two of you!