Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Not so winter-ish

Like many other parts of the country, we are experiencing an incredibly mild Winter.  Hmm, that doesn't even seem to cover it.  We are experiencing what seems like an incredibly early Spring.  That seems to describe it better.

Superman likes to think that Winter is over for the season, and that we are going to transition straight into full blown Spring.  But I'm ever the weather pessimist and believe we still have plenty of Winter weather ahead of us, that this short burst of Spring weather is a short-lived cruel joke on us by Mother Nature.

But regardless of who is right, we are certainly enjoying the sunny skies and warm weather.  The kids are playing outside almost everyday and we have even been able to open up the doors and windows to enjoy the fresh air.

Here are some pictures of the boys helping Superman do some bike maintenance.  Yes, they are riding bikes, not sleds (without jackets, let alone snow suits!) in early February!

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