Friday, February 24, 2012

It's working! Isn't it?

It's working, internets!

Remember a few days ago, I told you about Thing 2's bedwetting problem?

He has been wearing the GoodNites® Underwear now since Saturday night and he hasn't woken up with wet pajamas once.  Every morning, except for one, he has woken up with a very saturated pull-up, but nothing else has gotten wet.  Meaning: I haven't had to change his sheets even once this week!!

Wednesday night, when Superman and I went out for our date night, Grandma and Grandpa Train came up to babysit for us.  They haven't been around much lately, due to some unfortunate family drama (oh, that is a-whole-nother blog of it's own, internet), so they did not know about the whole bed-wetting dilemma.  So when we told them not to forget to put Thing 2's pull ups on when getting him ready for bed, she was surprised.  (They haven't worn any potty training anything in over a year.)  We were in a rush to leave for the concert, so we didn't stay and discuss it very long.

This morning, I was talking to her on the phone and she mentioned that she had this conversation with him before bed.:

Grandma: You need to go potty before bed.
Thing 2: No I don't.  I have my pull-ups on, so I can just pee in them.


Grandma voiced her concern that by letting him use the pull-ups that maybe he will become dependent on them and not pee in the toilet on purpose.

But, I don't think so internet.  I truly think that at this point, it is truly a medical issue for my little one.  And that the pull-ups are helping us all get a good night's sleep.  (We are used to good sleep in our house.)

I think for right now, he sees the pull-ups as a novelty.  Something special that he has, that his brother doesn't.  Kind of like how when I was a kid I was weirdly proud of my cast for the first few days, but then got annoyed that I couldn't play or go swimming like my friends could.

I think, eventually, Thing 2 will become embarrassed of his pull ups, and not want to wear them. (I'm just cringing in anticipation of the day that Thing 1 tells him "you wear a diaper, and diapers are for babies")  And I will do my best to try and comfort him that they are nothing to be ashamed of.  And that he just wears them to help him stay dry at night.  And isn't it better than waking up all wet?

I am still confident that this is the right choice for us right now.  And really hope that he grows out of this phase sooner rather than later....

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