Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reason #19 Why My Husband Is A Lucky Man

(Okay, so I randomly made up that number, but I'm sure there have to be at least 20 reasons, right?)

But seriously, Superman is a lucky man because I don't really care about Valentine's Day. Wait, back up, I said that wrong. I love Valentine's Day. I love all the pink and red, and hearts, and candy, and cards. It's just a pretty, superfluous just-because holiday, and there is something I like about that.  But I don't care about the big deal. You know what I mean...the flowers, the jewelry, the reservations, and $40 bottle of wine.

I handmade 48 Valentine's Day cards for Thing 1 and Thing 2's classmates and teachers and helped them give them out at school. I made 24 cupcakes, bought candy, and then arranged this surprise treat for the teachers and staff at their school:

Then I handmade Valentine's Day cards for Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Superman and me.

I found the perfect Valentine's Day card for Superman (It is funny, not romantic. And it talks about my boobs.) and a box of candy that looks like a giant baseball heart.
Tonight, I'll make him one of his favorite dinners: fish tacos.

At bedtime I'll read the kids several books that have love themes, like All the Ways I Love You, and I Will Love You Forever.  Then I'll kiss them goodnight and head off for my shift at the local homeless shelter, like I do every Tuesday.

For me, Valentine's Day truly is just about giving and focusing on how good I feel when I show my love to others.  And I mean it when I say that I don't expect anything in return.

I won't pout it he doesn't send me flowers.  Or buy me gifts. Or take me out for a fine dining experience.  I've assured him over and over that I don't want him to buy me jewelry. Ever. For any holiday or anniversary or occasion.  (Except for earrings.  He can buy me cheap costume jewelry earrings anytime he wants.)  I don't even care if he doesn't buy me one piece of candy (because I have a debit card and two legs, and I will hit up CVS tomorrow and pick up my favorite candy wrapped in red at 50% off!).

But if he doesn't get me a card (and I mean a good card, not a 2 for $1 dollar store card), then so help me I might have to spit in his fish tacos.

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